COLLECTION D’ARNELL ANDREA La Nuit Des Fees - Live CD Digipack 2009 LTD.500

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Title: La Nuit Des Fees - Live
Format: CD Digipack
Limitiert auf 500 Stück
Year: 2009
Label: Prikosnovénie
Tracklist:         1           Le Parc Enneigé      4:20     
2           Au Sacre Des Nuits     4:37    
3           La, Ici Ou Ailleurs     3:27    
4           From Our Dark Side     4:44    
5           Les Temples Elevés     2:54    
6           L'Ombre Tilleul     4:47    
7           L'Aulne Et La Mort     3:07    
8           La Tristesse Des Mânes     4:27    
9           Crossing Heaven Like Our Eternity     4:47    
10         Aux Mortes Saisons     3:59    
11         Kergal     3:51    
12         The Long Shadow     4:31    
13         Un Parc, Une Tonnelle     3:40
Info: Released last year February, this first official live-album by the Neoclassic formation was recorded at the ‘La Nuit des Fées’-Festival and is a very special, unique ACOUSTIC live-set! For 20 years CDAA have produced a masterful musical work and have established themselves as one of the most acclaimed acts within the Neoclassical genre. This CD offers an absolutely unique Live-set in highest sound quality on CD with some of the most classic tracks by the project in beautiful, new acoustic versions! Recorded in a church of the 11th century. 13 tracks.
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