Byron Metcalf / Mark Seelig Intention CD Digipack 2014

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Byron Metcalf / Mark Seelig
Title: Intention
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 2014
Label: Projekt

1  Intention  22:33
2  Surrender  9:47
3  Encounter  15:59
4  Focus  11:11
5  Vision  9:51


Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig join forces again to focus and intensify the transformative power of their musical collaboration.
Intention is a totally acoustic, transcultural tour de force of multi-layered tribal-ambient rhythms, indigenous instruments, and mesmerizing soundscapes – expertly crafted to induce and support expanded states of consciousness. Byron’s potent and spellbinding drumming and percussion merge with Mark’s haunting and beautiful bansuri flutes and Tuvan-style throat singing to create a bold, larger-than-life journey into infinite possibilities. ​ ​Rob Thomas (Inlakesh) and Dashmesh Khalsa contribute aboriginal didgeridoo textures to further deepen and expand the sonic field.
Neuroscience has confirmed what shamanic and ancient spiritual traditions have known for thousands of years: intention plays a fundamental role in manifesting inner and outer reality. This is especially important for those involved in deep inner-work, visionary rituals, ceremonies and practices.
Intention is infused with steadfast power and authority while the listener is held and supported by the tempered and refined sensitivity and compassion of Byron and Mark’s unparalleled understanding of expanded states of consciousness. Over 3 decades of self-exploration, professional therapeutic and academic work serves as foundational substrate for these artists’ uniquely innovative musical approach. Byron and Mark have recorded 3 previous CDs: Wachuma’s Wave (2003), Mantram (2004) and Nada Terma (2008) – all of which were created in collaboration with tribal ambient-electronic pioneer Steve Roach.
For this album, the listener is invited to set an intention before the journey begins, and surrender into an incomparable audio-initiated encounter with the primordial and the ecstatic: the vision of authentic communion within the source of all reality. Explore and experience the breadth and depth of intention in this ground-breaking, utterly original sonic synthesis of tribal/ambient/world music!


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