Beneath The Icy Floe V.5 CD 1997 black tape for a blue girl LYCIA Steve Roach

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Title: Beneath The Icy Floe V.5
Format: CD
Year: 1997
Label: Projekt

1  –Lycia  Drifting  
2  –Love Spirals Downwards  El Pedregal  
3  –Arcanta  Awake As If From Slumber  
4  –Thanatos  Von Stauffenberg  
5  –black tape for a blue girl  With My Sorrows  
6  –Attrition  A'dam & Eva (Refrain)  
7  –The Sleep Of Reason  Moloch Machine  
8  –Bleak  Cold, Black Room  
9  –lovesliescrushing  Blooded & Blossom-Blown  
10  –black tape for a blue girl  Our Future Imagined  
11  –Soul Whirling Somewhere  I Should Throw Myself Under A Train  
12  –Love Spirals Downwards  Love's Labour's Lost  
13  –Lycia  Pray  
14  –Vidna Obmana  The Angelic Appearance  
15  –Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana  Hidden Earth & The Shadows Dance


The 5th version of Projekt’s label sampler, released in mid ’97, when Projekt hooked up with ADA distribution. The most recent Projekt cd at the time of this release was Soul Whirling Somewhere’s Pyewackit.

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