ALIEN VAMPIRES Drag You To Hell CD 2015

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Drag You To Hell



Year: 21.11.2015
Label: alfa matrix

01 The Divinity of Solitude [feat. Attila Csihar from MAYHEM/SUNN O)))] 
02 She owns the Nite [Lilith]
03 You wish Me dead get in Line 
04 All the Fakes must die 
05 Drag you to Hell
06 Psycho Bitch [feat. Sin Quirin from MINISTRY & Charles Edward from MAYHEM]
07 Sworn to the Lust 
08 Lock it 
09 Touch 
10 You rule, I cum
11 Undivided Wholeness [feat. Nero Bellum from PSYCLON NINE] 
12 Dark Energy
13 No Return from where I am going [feat. Charles Edward from MAYHEM]
14 Better Enemies than Friends 
15 Unidentified


The masters of EVIL their devastating comeback to Earth with the first new album in 5 years, whose title gives on itself the tone and taste of the full program! The new 15-track evil manifesto is a relentless collection of powerful sonic assaults revealing a band at the top of its unconditional ascension and who keeps on making no single compromise in its revolted punchy “hate” attitude and its venomous provocative form of art. If the opening noir and mystic track “The Divinity of Solitude” definitely sets the overall atmosphere of the album with the intense hateful voice of Attila Csihar (MAYHEM & SUNN O))) ), the very catchy “She owns the Nite [Lilith]” sets the perfect balance between their characteristic upbeat industrial sound and its harsh elektro sequences and the muscled dark metal guitars which come and reinforce their sound. And the other new club hit “You wish Me dead get tn Line” will not contradict this assertion, with a powerful chorus you'll quickly sing along while dancing to this ultimate industrial grunge groove! And this new album definitely counts many more full-frontal assault dancefloor tracks that will all make the faithful and ever-growing ALIEN VAMPIRES fan-community members run berserk on the Underground burning dancefloors. Think for example of the hammering “All the Fakes must die”, the darkish technoid “Lock it” or yet the exploding hi-energy industrial-rave
“Touch” and its addictive sonic lobotomy effect…
On the amazing industrial metal “Psycho Bitch”,for the first time in music history we see MINISTRY’s guitarist (Sin Quirin) in a duet with MAYHEM’s guitar player (Charles Edward)! Other soul-catcher tracks worth the mention here include the lingering “Undivided Wholeness” featuring the bewitched vocals by special guest Nero Bellum of PSYCLON NINE, the sensational “No Return from where I am Going” on which we discover Charles Edward (MAYHEW) reinterpreting black metal in an industrial key offering a full domination spectrum to Nysrok’s poisonous distorted power-shouts or yet the pumping endzeit hellektro “Unidentified” which is bound to become a club classic. An album that, once fully experienced, will leave profound marks on your minds and souls…
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