MONUMENTUM In Absentia Christi LIMITED LP RED / Black Marbled VINYL 2020

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In Absentia Christi

Format: In deluxe Gatefold-Sleeve and on Black/Red Marbled Vinyl
Year: 2020
Label: Avantgarde Music
Tracklist:         A1 Battesimo: Nero Opaco
A2 A Thousand breathing Crosses
A3 Consuming Jerusalem
A4 Fade to Grey
A5 On Perspective of Spiritual Catharsis

B1 ΣελυνηΣ ΑγγελοΣ
B2 From These Wounds
B3 Terra Mater Orfanorum
B4 Nephtali
B5 La Noia (Boredom)
Info: Re-release of the legendary first album!
In deluxe Gatefold-Sleeve and on Black/Red Marbled Vinyl! The 1996 debut album on Misanthropy Records UK (famous for the early albums by Burzum and other ‘cult’ acts), quickly became a small legendary release in the underground, recognized and hailed by many as the most influential album on an entire scene. "One of the most musically experimental albums ever released while still structurally carved into ethereal wave, gothic rock and doom metal, with wtih a more avant-garde, Middle Eastern-inspired sound. You will definitely hear a unique combination of influences like Christian Death, Dead Can Dance, and Celtic Frost, and a lot of the music is incredibly unique for the amount of experimentation in this album. The best word to describe this album's music is ominous. In Absentia Christi is one of the best examples of a gothic metal band experimenting with different and unconventional styles of music without falling into the same formulaic characteristics that would plague the genre in the next 15 years. I will boldly say that this album deserves a lot of recognition as one of the earliest gothic metal albums to be released from Italy. Trust me, it's an album you have to hear to believe.”
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