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CD Digipack
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Year: 18.09.2020
Label: Læbel
Tracklist:         01 The Death of Silence 
02 Our daily Guilt 
03 The Slaughter 
04 The universal Failure
05 To Those who kill 
06 A Second of Silence 
07 Jehova Kill 
08 Tiny Tragedies
09 Killing Machine 
10 The Power of Darkness 
11 Walking in My Sleep

The follow up to 2018's "Disturbia" sees the two prolific Danes diving even deeper into the rabbit hole of blasting industrial rhythmic noise and existential dread. With it’s massive production “Inhuman” takes no hostages. The 11-track album presents the duos aggressive sound with tracks equally for the dancefloor of dark clubs and the moshpits of live venues. “Inhuman” was made for being played loud! “Inhuman” is composed, recorded and produced by Mirland (Negant, Am Tierpark, Eisenwolf a.o.). Vocals and lyrics by Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip, Klutae, Am Tierpark a.o.). Mastered by Claus Larsen. Graphics by Mirland.

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