MAEROR TRI The Beauty of Sadness CD DigiBook 2020

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The Beauty of Sadness

Format: CD DigiBook
Year: 14.02.2020
Label: Infinite Fog
Info: The next re-release by drone-ambient heroes Maeror Tri, again in deluxe digibook – in fully remastered quality (by Peter Anderson/Raison d’Etre) and incl. a rare bonus-track! Over the seven years of their existence, they have recorded genre-defining material that has lost none of its relevance even after more than a quarter of a century. ‘The Beauty…’ is without a doubt one of their most striking albums. An emotional, melancholy, sentimental, melodic drone ambient album, which can be considered a classic of the genre on a par with "Myein". You will search in vain for industrial or noise elements, as featured on the group's more heavy releases, herein the eponymous beauty and sadness reign supreme. This release comes highly recommended for any listener with only a passing interest in Drone-music, be it guitar- and electronic-based. Recorded between October 91 and September 93, "The Beauty of Sadness" became the 11th full-length Maeror Tri tape, which was released in 1996 shortly before their breakup on the very peak of the group's strength. The bonus track "Immersion in Emotion" was recorded around the same sessions as the album itself in October 1993, and first appeared on the video collection "From the Hills of Dream".  15 years have passed since the only CD reissue of the album on the Tantric Harmonies label, during which time the album has become a rarity, completely absent from the market, and one of the group's most sought-after albums.


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