LYCIA A Day in the Stark Corner [limited BOTTLE GREEN] 2LP VINYL 2022

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Title: A Day in the Stark Corner
Format: Limited BOTTLE GREEN Vinyl, Gatefold Cover.
Year: 04.03.2022
Label: Avantgarde Music
Tracklist:         A1 And through the Smoke and Nails [6:51]   
A2 Pygmallion [5:58]

B1 The Body Electric [5:20]   
B2 Wide open Spaces [6:47]

C1 The Morning breaks so cold and gray [7:37]  
C2 The Remnants and the Ruins [6:53]

D1 Goddess of the green Fields [2:34]
D2 Everything is cold [3:25]
D3 Sorrow is her Name [5:40]
D4 Daphne [6:03]
Info: Originally released on PROJEKT in late 1993, A Day In The Stark Corner is the second studio album by darkwave masters Lycia (third, if you take into account the 1989 EP Wake). Despite being one of the most praised and influential releases in the field, as well as one of Projekt’s bestselling titles of all times, the album never received a vinyl treatment. Until today. When asked about his thoughts on this reissue, mastermind Mike VanPortfleet came forth with some very personal thoughts: “It's hard for me to describe A Day In The Stark Corner. It's a release that came from a difficult space. Dark albums usually come from dark times, and for Stark Corner that was definitely the case. I was in the midst of an existential meltdown (and one fueled by excessive substance use) and while recording it felt as though this would be the last Lycia album, and the last I'd ever sing”.
The album hence has some specific topics underlying its songs: “I guess you could say that there is a conceptual theme that revolves around a defeated figure and the desert and thunder- storms and complete isolation. But that all got blurred and lost in the end. A Day In The Stark Corner was the end of the line for the musical path that started for me in the early ‘80s, but its personal crash and burn set up the musical rebirth that came a year or so later with Lycia’s following album, The Burning Circle and Then Dust”.
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