LUCIA CIFARELLI I Am Eye CD 2021 (VÖ 02.07)

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Title: I Am Eye
Format: CD
Year: 02.07.2021
Label: Metropolis
Tracklist:         1. Girls Like Me
2. To Be Alive
3. Kiss & Tell
4. Last of Me
5. Command
6. I Am Eye
7. Get It
8. Dear Divinity
9. No Place Like Home
Info: Lucia Cifarelli, in describing the writing of I Am Eye states “Each song is a tribute to pivotal experiences from my life, reaching as far back to childhood up until now." Covered in black glitter and dark sparkle, the album is a postcard straight from the Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. Co-produced with Sascha Konietzko, I Am Eye will have you dancing & singing along to the soundtrack of her life.
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