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Title: Undead
Format: 5CD BOX
Year: 2021
Label: Cold Meat Industry
Tracklist:         CD1 „A Celebration“ [51:02]:
01 My Girl
02 Good Times & Bad
03 Hamburg -35
04 Empty Flesh
05 Recensement
06 Undead
07 Im Himmel
08 Unit 731
09 Zum Morgen
10 Death Statues
11 Hear Me
12 Bloodhound
13 Bloodshower

CD2 „For Life“ [68:23]:
01 Fighting for Freedom
02 Is this Wrong
03 Thanks for the Memory
04 My Hand aint dirty
05 Dada dead
06 My Girl no.2
07 Dachau
08 We are too much
09 A modified Method
10 Blown on the Top
11 Don't wanna hurt
12 The Fist of a Man
13 Free at last
14 For Life 15 They burn

CD3 „Alskar Dig“ [54:34]:
01 Triumph
02 A rare Experience
03 The Story of K
04 The Blood
05 Framför altaret
06 My Luck Day
07 With Love
08 Run
09 Psycho
10 478 5 pt.1
11 Destructive
12 Head or Tail
13 Rejoyce
14 Jag Älskar dig

CD4 „recorded 1985-86” [60:42]:
01 New Will
02 Twilight Trial
03 One Question
04 American Way
05 Touch me
06 Today I‘m deadly
07 Time Bomb
08 Rubberlady
09 Sometimes I‘m happy
10 Sorrow Cathedral
11 Life Cleaner
12 Don’t turn arround
13 Mass
14 Total

CD5 [66:56]:
01 Good old Dayz
02 No Right
03 True Reform
04 Crawl on the Floor
05 No Refund
06 Forever
07 Repent* 
08 Här Finns Ingenting*
09 Offer*
10 My Lucky Day (Extended Version)
*Live at Tybble, Örebro, 24. November 1984

Info: After years in the makings, this monumental collection of Roger Karmaniks early industrial works is brought to you by reborn Cold Meat Industry. Let’s hark back before Death itself and go back to the basics. Lille Roger was founded in 1984 and became a unique entry in Sweden at the time. Few had the guts to approach things with such morbid ardor. Over a period of four years Roger claimed his place at the throne as the juvenile delinquent king of Swedish industrial music. Working with very limited equipment he produced material that still today stands out as timeless master- works. The final recordings were released as the epitaphic “Undead” 7” (CMI-01), marking the beginning of Brighter Death Now as well as Cold Meat Industry. It is obvious that this boxset shares both the name and catalogue number with such a milestone,as well as being the start of the new Cold Meat Industry label.
“Undead 1984-87” is a solid 5 CD boxset consisting of rare material carefully selected. Some previously released only on very rare and limited cassette editions, other unreleased and never heard before. Ranging from low-fi tape experiments and traditional post-mortem / power electronics to minimal industrial angst pop. Dangerous music for dangerous people – the kind that laugh through your funeral service and masturbate afterwards. The time is now. Lille Roger is among the undead and remains a true legend. Something for the old generations to enjoy, while the new observe and learn. Includes an 4p booklet with linear notes by Lars Larsson & Kristian Olsson and exclusive fold-out artwork by Kristian Olsson. Mastered by Peter Andersson.
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