LEERE Fragmented Identity LIMITED BLACK LP VINYL 2021

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Title: Fragmented Identity
Format: Limited edition of 300 copies on Black Vinyl
Year: 2021
Label: Young & Cold
Tracklist:         A1 Kirschblüten 
A2 Viereck 
A3 Rebell 
A4 Moh 
A5 Baustelle

B1 Erik Voltage 
B2 Zerbrechlich  
B3 Tod 
B4 Gleisdreieck
Info: The CD, that we listed back in March, was warmly welcomed by many of our customers. Here now the Vinyl version, featuring 1 tracks less than the CD. This album by Berlin-based female act was originally released in 2018. The Vinyl comes with an insert, incl. lyrics and photos and download code.

"Fragmented Identity is cold, straightforward, yet emotional and multi-layered. The Coldwave influence from past days remains as noticeable as the beginnings of EBM and the lyrical borrowings of the golden ‘Kassettentäter’-era of NDW (80s German New Wave). “Fragmented Identity” blossoms and begins to breathe by cleverly placed field recordings, that is recordings of the natural environment. On the track “Baustelle” a sledgehammer pounds against concrete, iron rods clang - and construction workers scream…" Review by Adam Usi
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