LEBANON HANOVER Sci-Fi Sky [Moon Grey & Yellow Splatters] 2LP VINYL 2020

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Sci-Fi Sky


Limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies.
Vinyl 1: Moon Grey with Yellow Splatters
Vinyl 2: Yellow with Moon Grey Splatters

Year: 11.12.2020
Label: Fabrika

A1 Living on the Edge  
A2 Golden Child  
A3 Garden Gnome

B1 Digital Ocean  
B2 The Last Thing

C1 Angel Face  
C2 Hard Drug  
C3 Third Eye in Shanghai

D1 Your Pure Soul  
D2 Come Kali Come


Lebanon Hanover’s sixth studio album Sci-Fi Sky: No other pairing in the history of Darkwave ever matched the unfettered creativity, resolve, and DIY attitude from the collaboration between the two creative minds that compromise Lebanon Hanover. The meeting of the Swiss musician Larissa Georgiou, aka Larissa Iceglass and British artist William Maybelline a decade ago in the latter’s hometown of Sunderland in the UK, was a monumental occasion, reverberating throughout the European music scene and even across the Atlantic. At the dawn of the global pandemic, where dystopian nightmares that were only ever seen before within the pages of books and flashes of silver screen celluloid, has become a daily reality, a new kind of darkness envelops the world. It was at this Lebanon Hanover returned, sharing a glimmer of hope with the single “The Last Thing” from this new album. Spanning an epic journey across ten tracks that wander through industrial landscapes, and ascend beyond the atmospheric aether, Sci Fi Sky is Lebanon Hanover’s most cohesive artistic statement to date. With their icy hearts on their sleeves, this is the culmination of a decade’s worth of musical creativity radiating from the minds of both Iceglass and May-belline, and altogether an otherworldly beacon of hope in a time of sheer darkness.

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