LACRIMOSA Nachts 2CD Digipack 2023

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Title: Nachts
Format: Double-CD, 18 tracks, in Digipack and including lush 12 pages booklet!
Year: 03.11.2023
Label: Hall of Sermon
Tracklist:         CD1
01 Lacrimosa Theme (2:11)
02 Liebe über Leben (6:19)
03 Kelch der Liebe (6:02)
04 Alleine zu zweit (4:06)
05 Nach dem Sturm (7:40)
06 Führ’ mich nochmal in den Sturm (5:49)
07 The Daughter Of Coldness (4:08)
08 Lichtgestalt (5:02)
09 Durch Nacht und Flut (3:56)

01 Weil Du Hilfe brauchst (4:49)
02 Ich bin der brennende Komet (7:00)
03 If The World Stood Still A Day (3:35)
04 Schakal (6:22)
05 Celebrate The Darkness (5:23)
06 Rote Sinfonie (5:52)
07 Der Morgen danach (4:20)
08 Raubtier (4:43)
09 Tränen der Existenzlosigkeit (5:31)
Info: Since the pandemic made live concerts with audiences almost impossible, the intensive interaction between stage and audience at LACRIMOSA's post-Corona concerts has become even more noticeable and tangible. This led to the band starting to record some of their concerts in order to capture these unique experiences and make them accessible to those who have not been able to experience any of these concerts since. The result is ‘Nachts’ (At Night)!

In the booklet of this CD, which features many photos of these shows, Tilo Wolff writes: “We recorded the songs for this live album during several beautiful nights on the stages of the German Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, while touring through Mexico in Toluca and Puebla, all in 2022, as well as in Glauchau, Germany, this year in 2023. The last song “Tränen der Existenzlosigkeit” though, was part of our Streaming Concert back in 2020, when getting together was a difficult thing to do. We performed this song in an empty hall in Düsseldorf, Germany, and it had to be on this album to make the peculiarity even more tangible that in the following years we could come together again with you, our extraordinary audience. Therefore on all other recordings, you are beautifully loud to be heard! Thank you for this!”