LACRIMOSA Leidenschaft CD Digipack 2021

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Title: Leidenschaft

CD Digipack

Year: 24.12.2021
Label: Hall Of Sermon
Tracklist:         01. „Liebe über Leben“ 6:10
02. „Führ mich nochmal in den Sturm“ 5:58
03. „Kulturasche“ 4:22
04. „The Daughter of Coldness“ 4:30
05. „Raubtier“ 4:46
06. „Die Antwort ist Schweigen“ 6:22
07. „Celebrate the Darkness“ 5:20
08. „Augenschein“ 4:48
09. „Die Liebenden“ 4:11
10. „Exodus“ 8:21
Info: LACRIMOSA was the first band combining Gothic with Metal, flooded by classical orchestrations when they released their groundbreaking “Schakal” EP back in 1994! Two years later LACRIMOSA was headlining the Dark Winter Nights Festivals, the first Festival- Tour ever bringing together Gothic and Metal bands on one stage, such as THE GATHERING, SENTENCED or DREAMS OF SANITY.
The rest is history: Many bands from the Metal as well as from the Gothic scene followed their example and Gothic-Metal and Symphonic-Metal became established music styles until the very day.
In the meantime LACRIMOSA elaborated and improved their musical proficiency, while staying Independent from any major label since day one until today, playing shows around the world from Argentina to China since more than 20 years, and now bringing it all together in this new masterpiece: Passion meets perfection, pain meets salvation, and darkness meets the guiding light of love! “Leidenschaft” is more than a new album, it is a magical achievement of pure passion!
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