LA MERDE La Vie En Noir CD 2022

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Title: La Vie En Noir
Format: CD
Year: 07.01.2022
Label: Lichterklang
Tracklist:         1. Voor Ons Zielezaligheid   
2. Le Miroir   
3. Under A Black Sun   
4. Waar De Eerste Steeren Beven   
5. Wading Through Black Waves   
6. L.I.T.L.   
7. Trompeter   
8. Am Rande Der Nacht   
9. La Vie En Noir   
10. A Flower That Once Has Bloomed Forever Dies   
11. Dead Among The Dead   
12. Het Gladde Mom Der Dood   
Info: After the release of three demos and the rare “Heilig Halte die Ekstasen” Lathe Cut finally the time for the Belgium Neofolk project LA MERDE has come to release their first official album “La Vie En Noir”.

The album contains 12 songs that will appeal to all those who grew up with bands like Death in June, Blood Axis and Sol Invictus and who are open to a new and more modern approach by including slight electronic elements of almost ritual and experimental characters.

LA MERDE played with bands such as Rome, Changes and Awen in the pre-CoVid era where they gained a lot of interest, resulting in this debut on LICHTERKLANG.

LA MERDE combines fact and fiction in an anachronistic collage of the past into a contemporary creation of sound and image.
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