KARMA VOYAGE Lights in forgotten Places LIMITED LP BLACK VINYL 2023

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Title: Lights in forgotten Places
Format: Limited edition of strictly 200 copies on Black Vinyl!
Year: 17.03.2023
Label: Shyrec / Icy Cold
Tracklist:         A1 Silent Towns
A2 Circles Sides
A3 City of the Lame
A4 Shine
A5 Em

B1 Branches of an Old Ash
B2 Distance and Echoes
B3 New Foundations
B4 Shiver
Info: The Yin and Yang is the leading motif for Karma Voyage’s debut album. “Lights in forgotten Places” sound is indeed far from clichés. Emotions pour down on the listener, giving freedom to create different visions, although it’s not lacking guitar crescendo and almost oniric wild rides, leading to nordic empty spaces. Not by chance, the track “New Foundations” features the unmistakable voice of Nils Ottensmeyer from acclaimed German psychedelic rock band Blue Angel Lounge.

Karma Voyage were born at the end of 2019 as a neo-psych experimental band, with strong New Wave influences. The project around Luca Castellaro (guitars/vocals) and Giuseppe Brunetti (solo guitars) was later enriched by the addition in May 2020 of Alvise Scarpa (bass), Leonardo Sebastiani (synth) and Edoardo Dotta (drums).
“Untold Desires”, their first digital EP was released in October 2021 by Icy Cold Records, and quickly got recognition in the neo psych underground, with the EP being even shared (among others) on Captain Beefart’s YouTube Channel.