KARIN MY Silence Amygdala CD Digipack 2021

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Title: Silence Amygdala
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 30.04.2021
Label: Ad Inexplorata
Tracklist:         01 Letter  
02 Winter Tree  
03 Time to go  
04 Autumn  
05 Loop  
06 The Silence
07 Stray from the Path  
08 World from Orbit  
09 Coming up for Air  
10 Homeward
11 Silence Amygdala
Info: The long-awaited debut album from Karin My was written and recorded over several years in parallel with her work as a vocalist, both live and in the studio. Prominent collaborators include, among others, Twice a Man, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Fake Moss, Coph Nia, Sync24 and more. The last couple of years have seen a number of single releases by Karin My as a solo artist, accompanied by a string of experimental videos. She also created a number of “audio sculptures” for outdoor art installations during 2019-2020.

- The “fifth member” of cold wave legends Twice a Man since 2010. Their latest release reached #5 and #17 on the Official Swedish album charts.
- Tracks by Carbon Based Lifeforms featuring Karin My, have reached well over 10 million streams on Spotify.
- The track “Winter Tree” featured on Swedish national TV in late december, Fredrik Strage proclaiming her “a shooting star for 2021”.
- A streamed live concert, shot in in October 2020, became the second most viewed video to date for Messed Up! Magazine (Germany).
- Silence Amygdala features guest vocals by Dan Söderqvist (Twice a man) and Erik Johnsson (Fake Moss).
- Additional lyrics by Christer Hermodsson (Spark!) and J. Strauss (Morlocks).
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