IVUR Gamma [limited VIOLET] LP VINYL 2024

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Title: Gamma
Format: First Limited Edition of 150 copies ONLY, on VIOLET Vinyl
Year: 17.05.2024
Label: Young & Cold
Tracklist:         A1 Feel  
A2 Strangelight  
A3 Eyes  
A4 Morning

B1 Fire  
B2 Shatter  
B3 Fortify  
B4 Lies
Info: IVUR, which is short for "Infraviolet Ultrared", is an electronic solo project based in the middle of nowhere in the Austrian countryside, featuring the veteran underground DJ Mr.URNs. After 25 years of djing he decided to switch sides and release his own music. After the two Digital-EPs “Alpha” and “Beta”, he now presents the first album, logically titled “Gamma”. This contains the tracks from the two EPs for the first time on vinyl and is therefore kind of an inventory before new music was produced. The sound is purely electronic and produced really “fat”, which makes it potential material for Club-dancefloors. The style is made up of Synthpop, some Darkwave and a large bunch of Italo-Disco, the style that many people only listened to shamefully at home for decades, but which is now experiencing a real renaissance.
“Feel” and “Strangelight” are catchy, very catchy, tunes that will at least make your feet twitch along. “Eyes” is Synthpop that combines with Minimal-Electro from the 80s, whereas “Morning” goes a little more in the Wave direction and is vaguely reminiscent of Kirlian Camera from the “Edges” and “Blue Room” era.
Things get a little quieter and more atmospheric with the Electro Wave of “Fire”, while “Shatter” could come straight from the mainstream-Discos of the 80s where people danced to Den Harrow or Eddie Huntington. The first slight hints of Techno are added in “Fortify”, before “Lies” concludes the album in a more atmospheric and wavr way.
“Gamma” proves to be a really successful Electro-Dance album that will definitely please everyone who can relate to the Neo-Disco-sound of Tobias Bernstrup and is not averse to the sounds of Body of Light.