IAMTHESHADOW The wide Starlight CD Digipack 2022

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Title: The wide Starlight
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 14.10.2022
Label: Cold Transmission
Tracklist:         01 Remains 
02 The wide Starlight 
03 Even the Air is a Ruin 
04 Remind Me 
05 Intimacy
06 Unfold 
07 IAmTheDark (feat. Kristien Cools) 
08 Stand still 
09 Catching Fire
10 The Killing 
11 Broken 
12 If All is Loss
Info: More than 2 years after their critically acclaimed album „Pitchblack“, the Portuguese darkwave trio IAMTHESHADOW are back with their 5th full length album already. The songs of this new masterpiece are about places inside and ruins, about what is finite and infinite inside ourselves and the gift of silence in this wide starlight.
The track „IAmTheDark“ features the voices & lyrics by Kristien Cools (Splendidula). All songs produced, mixed and mastered by Pedro Code.
IAMTHESHADOW is a musical project that began in 2015 by the Portuguese musician Pedro Code (The Dream Collision, Rainy Days Factory, The Ending Nights). The artistic influences of Iamtheshadow are varied and navigate the blackest and sharpest sounds of the 80s. Iamtheshadow is modern dark romance, where melody and words touch deeply perpetuating the desire that crosses and overcomes fear.