IAMNOONE A Primitive Trinitas CD Digipack 2020

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A Primitive Trinitas


CD Digipack

Year: 28.02.2020

Cold Transmission Music


01 Aggressive
02 A fading Memory
03 Solve et Coagula
04 My last Answer
05 Hopeless
06 Synesthesia
07 Stillborn
08 Mantis
09 Within the Light
10 Pure Ice


IAMNOONE is an amazing Italian Coldwave/Post-punk/Goth project, that released their first, self produced mini-album 'DVPLEX' in 2019. Somewhere far east they say the answer doesn’t matter, if the question is deep enough. We do believe a deep enough question has more than just two possible answers. Almost a year after „Duplex“, the first work, „A Primitive Trinitas“ offers two more perspectives. One points to the primal instinct, the flesh, the senses, while the other aims at a deeper knowledge, more metaphysical, where the same instincts, the same flesh and the same senses are somehow projected to a more subtle status of existence. We feel these perspectives exist at the same time within us, intertwined and symbiotic, and we are left to wonder in the embrace of music: do our answers really matter?


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