genCAB Signature Flaws CD 2023

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Title: Signature Flaws
Format: CD
Year: 27.10.2023
Label: Metropolis Records
Tracklist:         01 Another Glass Eye 
02 Signature Flaws I 
03 The Badge 
04 Bloom to Decay
05 Signature Flaws II
06 The Black Mirror 
07 Version3 
08 Signature Flaws III
09 Cancer Causes Life 
10 Space4theworld
Info: David Dutton's (Life Cried, Crown of Pity) genre-smashing project genCAB pushes the boundaries of electronic music, with shades of influence coming from everything varied styles such as hardcore, IDM and shoegaze. This creates unorthodox song structures routed in alternative music as much as EBM.
genCAB's new album 'Signature Flaws' is a must hear for electronic listeners looking for something unique in a sea of the same!!! Topics like addiction, obsession, and ego death fill the record, punctuated by Dutton’s meticulously crafted chaotic arrangements, with vocals taking center stage. genCAB’s mature sound and nostalgic influences help bridge the gap between modern synthpop, 90’s alternative and EBM.

David Dutton started genCAB (generation cable) in 2006. The debut album "II transMuter" (Hive Records) was considered ahead of its time stylistically by many zines and reviewers, with its unorthodox song structures routed in alternative music as much as EBM. During that era, Dutton and drummer Tim Van Horn joined Aesthetic Perfection as full-time live members and toured extensively. While working on the follow up to that album, there was a hard drive crash that destroyed what was there and the project went on hiatus for over a decade. Dutton returned in 2022 with not one, but two new albums. At the beginning of the year "Thoughts Beyond Words" was released by Negative Gain Productions. "I Die: You Die" labeled it as one of the top 10 best releases of the year.