FRAGRANCE. Salt Water [limited CLEAR with Black Marbling] LP VINYL 2021

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Title: Salt Water
Format: Limited to strictly 300 copies in CLEAR with BLACK Marbling Vinyl.
Year: 05.11.2021
Label: Synth Religion
Tracklist:         A1 Forevermore 
A2 Attiré par le Chaos 
A3 Covered in Gold 
A4 Twisted Way 
A5 Tears

B1 Bind Me up with your Flesh 
B2 The Cure (feat. Lulannie) 
B3 Love Bites 
B4 Crisis 
B5 A Million Replays
Info: After his noteworthy debut album “Now that I’m Real” release in 2019, French electronic artist Fragrance. is back with his all new album “Salt Water”. Made up of 10 songs soaked in tears and sweat, it emphasizes the dancing and ethereal synths that we have come to know as Fragrance.’s signature sound. Co-produced with Sophia Hamadi, half of duo Opale, it goes deeper than ever into melancholic and dark sounds, while always keeping a distant light towards which the soft voice and fragile words of Matthieu Roche guide us. An inner trip where anyone can find a reflection of their own feelings and fears, but also a place to share some support and relief.