FIRST AID 4 SOULS I Am The Night CD Digipack 2022

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Title: I Am The Night

CD Digipack

Year: 13.05.2022
Label: alfa matrix
Tracklist:         01 The Light In Us Was Darkness
02 I Am The Night
03 The Silence Comes Off The Land
04 Your Symbols Will Fail
05 A Generation Sold
06 Fire Without Flames
07 Something Free And Dead
08 The Well Of Bones
09 Not Enough
10 We Stand As Wall
11 Let Me Go Back To Sleep
12 Compromised
13 Frozen Tears
Info: Cult Hungarian electronic industrial artist István Gazdag was pretty much productive and creative the last couple of years and surprised us by the unpredictable eclecticism of his fruitful collaborations on various electronic music styles ranging from avant-garde to synth and future pop.

Today FIRST AID 4 SOULS returns to the darker side of the project and unveils the new chapter of his collaboration with US-based singer Mortum (HUMAN VAULT) after the much appraised and existentially negative and dystopian album “Keep This World Empty” released in 2019.
“I Am The Night” is a depiction of the struggling self-dwelling in us all. A life folding experience painted using sophisticated and crafted synthetic sounds mixed in exquisite balance with symphonic instruments, bombastic percussion, hammering beats, harsh aggressive vocals and oppressive bass-lines. The characteristic dark elektro style of the band takes here an even more dynamic songwriting approach and delivers orchestral and almost operatic grandeur evoking bands in the likes of COIL, IN THE NURSERY, LAIBACH, WILL or yet SKINNY PUPPY.

Istvan Gazdag once again lets his passion for art intervene during the creative process. For each song, he selected one painting and let himself draw inspiration from these various artists to eventually write the multilayered soundtrack that would best fit the overall feel he was experiencing from the original painting by painters like Thomas Cole, H. R. Giger, Gustave Dore, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Mónika Préger, Odd Nerdrum, Pierre Fritel, Jeno Barcsay, Mihály Zichy, Christine Cobden, Jacques-Louis David, Hermann Hendrich and Maja Sokolowska. 
“I Am The Night” is both emotionally deep and philosophically deranged, and guarantees an overwhelming sonic experience challenging your senses. The path to destruction is set! An over-programmed data bank of fading memories. Your fake feelings, your empty frozen eyes and your decaying souls are real. The giant furnace will consume all of us!