EUROSHIMA Gala CD Digipack 2020

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CD Digipack

Year: 11.09.2020
Label: Twilight Records
Tracklist:         01 Matando Sueños 
02 Sonrisas fabricadas 
03 Como los otros 
04 Ejercito del odio
05 Gala 
06 Esfumados sueños 
07 El me mira y se va 
08 Silencio entre nosotros
09 Mejor callarlo

Probably unknown to most of you, Euroshima are a really legendary post-punk/dark band from Argentina. Active from 1986, they were signed to VIRGIN Records and released one album (on Vinyl) only: ‘Gala’. This album was a great success in South America, not only in the underground scene. A very emotional, great and intense album. The sound is magnificently dark and reminds of ‘today’s’ post-punk acts such as Selofan or Lebanon Hannover, but also recalls certain atmospheres of Mephisto Waltz or other 30+ years old ‘classic’ acts! Now, 3 years after the death of their singer Wanda, TWILIGHT is bringing back to life this Historic album, for the first time ever on CD! [original Vinyl is selling for € 200+ on discogs…) Those open minded and interested in discovering, what is a real CULT album from South America, will LOVE this great and amazing work!

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