EUROPEAN GHOST Pale and Sick (2020 Edition) CD Digipack 2021

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Title: Pale and Sick (2020 Edition)

CD Digipack

Year: 22.01.2021
Label: Icy Cold Records
Tracklist:         01 Trip on Mars
02 Preset
03 Pale and Sick
04 Lost Highway
05 Unreal Space
06 The Spiral
07 August in Winter
08 Sex In Kepler
09 Trip In The Night
10 European Ghost

Re-release of one of the most amazing debuts in Darkwave ever! Originally released in 2016 (Unknown Pleasures Records) on Vinyl and [Very] limited CD only, this debut was mastered in London by James  Aparicio (Depeche Mode, Liars, Spiritualized..) and was praised with great thrill by worldwide Media and fans. "Pale and Sick" is a concept album: a flight over the European remains from the two world wars. Ten painted dark songs, integrate into New Wave tradition and pushing theirselves limits to a martial and claustrophobic experimentalism. Prevailing bass guitar and all other dense echoes guitars, weave together with strict declaims into a contemporary approach of electronic vibes.

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