EQUINOXIOUS El Desafio [limited WHITE] LP VINYL 2023

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Title: El Desafio
Format: Limited first Edition of 250 copies on WHITE Vinyl.
Year: 24.02.2023
Label: Young & Cold
Tracklist:         A1 Recayendo 05:01 
A2 Sin atracción 04:17 
A3 Derribar 04:08

B1 Dos umbrales 03:48  
B2 El Desafío 04:25  
B3 Mudas escamas 04:21  
B4 Sukurys 04:17
Info: There was already a small electro and wave scene in Mexico in the 80s, at that time nobody in Europe took notice though. When bands like Lacrimosa, Catastrophe Ballet, Goethes Erben and others were invited by enthusiastic fans from the end of the 90s, to play live in Mexico, the musical and cultural exchange became more easy through the Internet and the Darkwave-scene in Mexico literally exploded. From the 2010s at the latest, more and more music from Mexico conquered Europe. In recent years, numerous new acts have emerged, from Stockhaussen to Isotropia and Werner Karloff to Frio Y Vacio, all of which moved in the Darkwave-Electro-Post- punk-genres. And EQUINOXIOUS...
Since 2014, Rogelio Serrano's project has presented numerous releases and thus made a good name for itself. On the current "El Desafio", Serrano again works mainly with analog equipment, not only presenting retro sounds in the style of the 80s - although of course they occur - but also draws the line from 90s darkwave to modern sounds and rhythms. Catchy Synthpop melodies combine with Industrial-sounds in the style of Depeche Mode's "Some Great Reward" phase, danceable 90s Dark-Electro with almost (analogue) Techno-sounds and Minimal-Electro with carpenteresque Soundtrack-moments. "Recayendo" is the catchy tune that captivates listeners right at the beginning of the LP, "Derribar" will get things moving on the dance floors of Electro parties, "Mudas Escamas" could be on the Soundtrack to another "Blade Runner“ -sequel and „Dos Umbrales“ would also have been a good Depeche Mode B-side in the '90s.

Rogelio Serrano’s creative work is focused on the sound and rhythmic design carried out using analogue synthesizers and eurorack modular system, inspired by the landscapes and high-speed vehicle trips, the interferences, organic and non-organic different social dystopian settings.