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Title: 6.6.36
Format: CD Digipack
Limited to 300 copies
Year: 17.12.2021
Label: db2fluctuation
Tracklist:         01 I can see the Atoms move 
02 So far gone but not gone far 
03 We feel Nothing, do we ?
04 We have to kill this Machine before it kills us 
05 Too much is never enough
06 The World is spinning and so am I
Info: Dream Invasion is the project of Erwin Jadot, co-founder and band member of Nothing but Noise at the time of the 2012 Not Bleeding Red album. “6.6.36" is the third album following “Inspiration for a Daydreaming Nation” and last years “7.7.49”. The album continues where “7.7.49” musically refused to stop: Big Psy-Ambient, fueled by organic tones that mysteriously approach you with wandering/floating metal synth pads. Delightful spasmodic sound-waves, fueled by electronic percussions and sharp ostinato pulses. Synth sounds that set musical pendulums in motion under the influence of bass. Driven by sequences that take you on a melancholic trip to the last century, especially the 80s.
“6.6.36” = Recommended before, during and after you do the things you love to do. Additional production, mixing and mastering by Daniel.B.
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