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Title: Ne te retourne pas
Format: First released in 2000 and deleted for many years. This new edition comes now completely re-mastered and with new coverartwork.
Limited edition of 250 copies on FOG-BROWN Vinyl. Coming with printed inner sleeve and incl. download code.
Year: 22.08.2022
Label: Silences et Gresillements
Tracklist:         A1 Un Pas en Arrière
A2 Achtung
A3 L’Appel
A4 J’aimerais tant crier
A5 Regard Camouflage
A6 Mon Insolence (Corps Languissants Chap 1)
A7 L’éternité

B1 Ne te retourne pas
B2 Toujours
B3 L’Eau froide
B4 La Nuit revient (WP 38)
B5 Tout a disparu
Info: Derniere Volonte is an artist that has been evolving over the years, starting from 1998 with the thematic limited cassette release "Obeir et mourir" which was an historical snapshot of a particular place in time.
‘Ne te retourne pas’ (Don’t turn back) is a very special album: A compilation of songs which appeared on some (very) limited vinyls and selected tracks, especially recorded for long deleted compilations, but as well some unreleased tracks. Some songs come from different side projects, which never got released. In addition, we find a track from a planned (but never released) album, produced at the same period and the main title was "Mon Insolence" - which later became – in different form – the track "Languissant" on "Devant le Miroir". The beauty of this particular release lay in its simplicity and originality. Very outstanding that time and 22 years later still a masterpiece
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