DERNIERE VOLONTE Le Feu Sacre [re-release] CD Digipack 2021

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Title: Le Feu Sacre [re-release]
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 15.10.2021
Label: Silences et Gresillements
Tracklist:         01 Ouverture 
02 Nous maintenons notre Histoire 
03 Wake up! 
04 Der Kinder Nacht
05 Le Cœur Ombre 
06 Der Zorn Gottes
07 Prêts pour la Mort 
08 Marche Funèbre 
09 Les Tambours 
10 Regarde le Monde tomber
11 Mères de nos Souffrances 
12 Ami 
13 Ma Vie s'éteint
Info: Re-release of the 2nd album by the acclaimed French post-industrial/martial act – Originally released in 2000 on HauRuck!, it comes now completely re-mastered and in NEW Artwork! The CD comes in gatefold cover and booklet.

Derniere Volonte is an artist that has been evolving over the years, starting from 1998 with the thematic limited cassette release "Obeir et mourir" which was an historical snapshot of a particular place in time. However, in the millennium the level of standards were raised with their album “Le Feu sacré” [The Holy Fire], which brought us a beating, martial rhythms and gloomy keyboard patterns, combined with orchestral samples, and of course Geoffrey D.'s characteristic voice and French vocals. The beauty of this particular release lay in its simplicity and originality. Very outstanding that time and 21 years later still a masterpiece!