DEKAD Nowhere Lines CD Digipack 2022

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Title: Nowhere Lines
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 05.08.2022
Label: Boredom Product
Tracklist:         01 A strange Attraction
02 Your Love is like a Fever
03 I know
04 Watching You
05 Your World
06 Artificial Love
07 Last Chance
08 Stay
09 A deadly Show
10 Never sleep again
11 Promises
Info: Get ready for a one way trip towards the unknown, where Dekad is taking us to with this fifth album, "Nowhere Lines". Dark but also lucid about our global future, the new record is intended both as a thriller and a dark audio road movie to nowhere, exactly the place where humanity is currently heading to, head first and at full speed.
Promoted by its first single "A Deadly Show", "Nowhere Lines" sees the French act back at its best after a seven year hiatus, with a blend of catchy choruses from the finest electro pop and trademark bass lines, powered by punchy and mechanical rhythm patterns borrowed to the EBM genre.
These are sheer Dekad songs as always, and for the first time co-produced by Foretaste's XY member who co-wrote The Overlookers' "Teenage Wet Dreams" album three years ago. Are you ready to keep your eyes on the "Nowhere Lines" ? Are you ready to follow these traces that all seem to converge towards nowhere ?
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