DEEP DOWN WISE Deep Down Wise CD Digipack 2023

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Title: Deep Down Wise
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 31.03.2023
Label: Young & Cold
Tracklist:         01 Ambers
02 After Light
03 Howling
04 Reflections
05 Ocean Eyes
06 Shades
07 Feeling inside
08 Out of Sight
09 Ignite
10 Fallen Blossoms
11 Come alive
Info: The US Darkwave underground is seething and as usual, Young & Cold Records is always at the forefront when it comes to discovering and promoting new bands.
With the duo DEEP DOWN WISE from Florida, the label once again has a promising act at the start. On the untitled debut album, previous digital-only songs and all new tracks are presented to a wider audience in Europe for the first time and for sure, some songs will soon fill dance- floors in the clubs. The mixture of Darkwave, Synthwave and Minimal-Synthpop catches the listeners at once and won't leave their ears again when the vocals start.
The influences are varied: the opener “Ambers” reminds of Hante, while “After Light” has a lot of Clan Of Xymox in it. "Howling" is purest Dark Electro with some weird sounds and "Reflection" or "Feeling Inside" are reminiscent of the Future-Pop of the early 2000s.
With all the comparisons that can be made, DEEP DOWN WISE are far from simply imitating what is already known. Inspiration doesn't always mean copying. The Americans are making their own thing out of everything Electronic music has spawned since the 1980s. There is everything from atmospheric soundscapes and dark dancefloor rhythms to catchy Electro-Pop. DEEP DOWN WISE is a band that, in the best sense of the word, just started making music at home at some point and has taken on a development that presents an inventory of the path so far with the album release and shows that there is definitely still a lot to expect in the future.