DEATHCAMP PROJECT Painthings [re-release] CD Digipack 2020

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Title: Painthings [re-release]
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 2020
Label: Alchera Visions
Tracklist:         01 Predestination
02 Too Late
03 Cold the Same
04 No Cure
05 About:Blank
06 Betrayed
07 Through the Fire
08 Painthings
09 Scars remain
10 Kłamac
Info: One of the most acclaimed releases on Alchera Vision – now finally Re-released!
Catchy melodies, hypnotic vocals, a killer dose of gothic aura and a meticulously put together stage image, have contributed to making Deathcamp Project a recognisable brand of the world's dark independent stage. Deathcamp Project's music is an electrifying mix of modern electro-industrial sounds and decadent indie-rock, influenced by the nostalgic sounds of goth / cold wave of the 80's era.


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