DB2 Music for mutated TV 5 CD Digipack 2020 LTD.300 (FRONT 242)

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Music for mutated TV 5


CD Digipack
Limited to 200 copies!

Year: 06.11.2020
Label: db2fluctuation

01 Ohmage [21:10]
02 AlphaGo Beats Sodol [07:22]
03 Muziek uit de Kosmos [14:42]
04 Dead Channel [10:15]
05 Niks anders as geraas nie [05:48]


Super limited release for Daniel B. (Front 242) and Dirk Bergen (ex-Front 242)!

Hot on the heels of Daniel B.'s anniversary cd “6+6” comes the 5th release in the MfMTV collection. This time dubbed! This is not a Nothing But Noise or a Daniel B. (Prothese) release, but a Dirk Bergen & Daniel B. release, therefore DB2, playing into the growing interest for the music of the 70's masters of electronic music. Vangelis, Ashra, Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Cluster and even Kraftwerk are not far away in this tribute or “ohmage”.
A special place on this cd is taken by the track “Muziek uit de Kosmos” (Music from the Cosmos). Muziek uit de Kosmos (MudK) was a radioprogram on Belgian national radio that ran from 1976 'till 1980. It was quite unique since it was the first and at time the only program that was dedicated solely to electronic music. It premiered albums from a host of artists we consider now the masters of Electronic Music and had a crowd of listeners not only from Belgium but also from Holland, Luxemburg, the North of France and the south of Germany. MudK brought electronic music into the bedrooms of 70's youth and made them either run to the recordshop or to the musicshop to buy their first synthesizer (or often both). MudK is the breeding ground that made Dirk & Daniel start with Front 242 in the first place. Moving between “inner space” and “outer space”. A collision between Sci-Fi and Retro-Now intergalactic organized noise.

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