DANIEL B. Shades LIMITED 2CD Digipack 2021

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Title: Shades
Format: CD
Limited to 300 copies. Comes in a 6 page ecosleeve
Year: 17.12.2021
Label: db2fluctuation
Tracklist:         01 Shades Part 1 [53:35]
02 Shades Part 2 [72:15]
Info: Music from the "Sky any Color" project. Daniel B. was asked to provide music for this project, he came up with two long ambient soundscapes. About Sky Any Colour: SKY ANY COLOUR is an ACRONYM®-curated, online group exhibition. The project aims to bring together a diverse range of global creatives, with the express purpose of exploring humanity's increasingly complex relationship with the future. Over 50 artists and designers were introduced to form smaller breakout teams, each choosing their own formats. Initial works were showcased inside the recently-released ACRONYM® X ROG ZEPHYRUS G14–ACRNM®, limited edition laptop, and form basis for the SKY ANY COLOUR program. The ongoing exhibition, with new film, animation, music, graphic and photographic works will continue to be released on SKYANYCOLOUR.com
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