DANIEL B. Scene e Rituali LIMITED CD Digipack 2021 (FRONT 242)

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Scene e Rituali


CD Digipack
Limited to 300 copies.

Year: 09.07.2020
Label: db2fluctuation
Tracklist:         01 Oltre l'Infinito [14:49]    
02 ElettroStrada [27:35]    
03 Lato oscuro della Mente [07:28]
04 Oltre l'Infinito - Reprise [08:55]
Info: Daniel B. (FRONT 242’s leader) never really liked it that much, being reminded of his Italian origins. I think this is his first release, that features all titles in Italian language… "Scene e Rituali" (Scenes and Rituals), Daniel.B's new album is an invitation to travel, from Its preparation to its beginning. Or rather, an incitment to travels in plural form, since each title takes us in a distinct direction independently from the others, towards an unknown destination, according to its own ritual and speed. "Oltre L'Infinito" (Beyond the Infinite) is at the same time the countdown, the firing and the launching towards the infinite and beyond, through the stars which these violin notes make sparkle throughout the journey, during which the notion of duration is gradually lost.
"ElettroStrada" (Electro-highway) is on the contrary a title which readily bends to the laws ofgravity, anchored on solid ground and asphalt ribbons, and is the soundtrack accompanying a trip in an electric vehicle that you grab the steering wheel to, a soundtrack that would be triggered automatically by activating the "cruise control" mode over the entire length of a motorway journey, and which would compensate for the absence of noise from the engine of your twenty- first century car.
"Lato Oscuro della Mente" (The Dark Side of the Spirit) is then the most scary journey, the one that promotes introspection and which goes to probe inside of the mind, the one to be wary of, not knowing which truth is hiding behind each new mental image encountered, behind each memory. "Oltre L'Infinito reprise", finally, initiates the deceleration of the first title and connects the infinitely large to the infinitely small of the previous title.
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