COLLECTION D’ARNELL ANDREA A Forest Inside CD Digipack 2023

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Title: A Forest Inside
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 15.12.2023
Label: Infrastition
Tracklist:         01 The Colour of your Mind
02 The Realm of Memories
03 Pieces of Rain
04 Snowdrops in a Grove
05 Waiting for Meaulnes
06 My Heart, a Storm
07 A Blackbird in a dark World
08 Fading in Time
09 A Chapel of Rest
10 A Forest inside
11 Longing for a New Spring
12 Lichen on My Name
Info: The all new Album by the legendary ‘Heavenly Voices’ act! Comes in Digifile with deluxe GOLD hotfoil print!

If the relationship of Man to Nature, nostalgia and a certain form of romanticism (as evidenced by the poetic dimension of each of the texts) remain the group's main sources of inspiration, it is in the heart of a forest particularly tormented, invasive and disastrous, that Collection d'Arnell-Andrea, a major reference in the "dark" scenes for more than 30 years, invites us today!

A Forest Inside, their 12th studio album (and the first one since their 2019 releases on Trisol) explores with strength and elegance musical territories, that are much more electro than before. Some titles could even, as a result, prove to be perfectly calibrated for the dancefloor: powerful synths, hypnotic rhythm loops, and captivating choruses: The Color of your Mind / The Realm of Memories / A Blackbird in a Dark World / A Chapel of Rest…
The production, sober but terribly effective (Pierre-Emmanuel Mériaud / A Recrafted Winter) seems to favor the synthetic dimension of the compositions, but the original strings (cello, viola, guitars) are still present: minimalist and syncopated (A Forest Inside), lyrical and melodic (Longing for a New Spring) or almost symphonic (My Heart, a Storm). Likewise, Chloé's voice appears here, even more luminous and touching than ever. Thus, Collection d’Arnell-Andrea reinvents itself today, without denying all of its beautiful influences: darkwave, electro-industrial, dark pop (Pieces of Rain), heavenly (Snowdrops in a Grove)…
A Forest Inside will obviously remain one of the essential albums in the impressive discography of this French band, discreet, unclassifiable and, in a certain way, already “cult”.