CLOSED MOUTH Conversation Piece CD Digipack 2020

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Title: Conversation Piece

CD Digipack

Year: 17.07.2020
Label: Icy Cold

01 Intro  
02 Days go by  
03 I can see  
04 Something precious  
05 Interlude 1
06 Never getting Old  
07 A Void 
08 Your eternal Sleep 
09 Interlude 2
10 Two Ways to choose
11 Your Mind
12 Words in a lost Box
13 Worthless
14 Voices


Second regular album by the gifted Coldwave act CLOSED MOUTH, following their last years’ Album [ONE] on Cold Transmission! In 6-panel digipack. A whole universe, dense and terribly confusing. The horizon is dark, the sky of Closed Mouth is full of emotions, intense sensations. 14 new Tracks, that follow like a chimeric set of mystery thoughts. «Conversation Piece» is a rich album that declines the nuances of a black perceived as an obvious fact. After the cold/ambient approach of the privious works, we are talking about post-punk/deathrock


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