CHAMELEONS Edge Sessions (Live from the Edge) CD 2022

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Title: Edge Sessions (Live from the Edge)
Format: CD
Year: 27.05.2022
Label: Metropolis Records
Tracklist:         01 A Person isn't safe anywhere these Days [5:13]
02 Return of the Roughnecks [3:32]
03 Up the Down Escalator [4:08]
04 Anyone Alive [5:37]
05 Soul In Isolation [9:55]
06 Singing Rule Britannia (As the Walls close in) [5:34]
07 Second Skin [9:12]
08 Sycophants [4:14]
09 Heaven [6:14]
10 Ever after [4:54]
Info: Chameleons has long been cited as a hugely influential act, having inspired the likes of Moby, The Verve, The Flaming Lips, Interpol, The Killers, Editors and Oasis. Formed in Manchester, England, in 1981, with vocalist/bassist Mark Burgess, guitarists Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding, and drummer John Lever (who quickly replaced founding member Brian Schofield), the band released three classic albums: "Script of the Bridge" (1983), "What does Anything mean? Basically?" (1985) and "Strange Times" (1986) before breaking up. The years passed; the members continued to work on their own musical projects, then as the '90s came and went, the idea of a reunion seemed practically inevitable. The Chameleons reconnected in January of 2000 to prepare for three dates in May of that year in England.
The acoustic-based "Strip" was self-released by the band as a limited edition release to coincide with these shows. European dates followed throughout the summer, and by fall they played their first American shows in nearly 15 years. The fruit of this reunion, "Why call it Any- thing?" (2001) marked The Chameleons first studio album since 1986. The band once again disbanded in 2003. In 2009, Burgess reunited with Lever as ChameleonsVox, performing and touring Chameleons material. ChameleonsVox toured the US and Europe from 2009 to 2014, and issued an EP in November 2013, prior to Lever's departure. Sadly, Lever died in 2017.
Prior to the Covid pandemic placing everything on hold, Burgess had been touring more vastly than at any point in his career, with shows across the US, China, Australia and practically every country across Europe. As things begin to open up and the world finds some sense of a new normal, Chameleons have joined with Metropolis Records to release "Edge Sessions (Live from the Edge)" - a collection of seven classic Chameleons songs performed live in May of 2021 by founding members Mark Burgess and Reg Smithies, joined by more recent members Chris Oliver on guitar, and Stephen Rice on drums. Three additional bonus tracks of ChameleonsVox era live recordings (tracks 8 to 10) round out this stunning release.