cEvin Key Music for Cats [limited PINK & BLUE Splatter] 2LP VINYL 2024

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cEvin Key
Title: Music for Cats
Format: Limited 2LP PINK & BLUE Splatter Vinyl
Year: 02.02.2024
Label: Artoffact
Tracklist:         A1 Musik für Cats 
A2 Wind on small Paws 
A3 Meteorite

B1 Bird 
B2 Blotter 
B3 Inside Jam World

C1 Herbalist Rule 
C2 Greenhouse Gasses 
C3 Have you ever felt like this?

D1 Go Go Boots 
D2 Beauty is the Enemy 
D3 Full Circle 
D4 Grah Statikcat (Electrodes)
Info: 25 years of Music for Cats! This special pink & blue splatter edition commemorates 25 years since Music for Cats was released. The vinyl comes in a gatefold sleeve and was pressed using a new master and a new stamper. The sound has been upgraded the sound! Everything about this version was overseen by Cevin Key personally!