BURNING GATES The Acqualuce Years LIMITED 4CD BOX 2021

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Title: The Acqualuce Years
Format: 3CD BOX
Limited edition
Year: 02.07.2021
Label: Swiss Dark Nights
Tracklist:         CD1 ‘Nel Profondo’:
01 Lilith
02 To the Moon
03 Nel Profondo
04 Fuoco di Cera
05 Intro
06 Distruggere il Tempo
07 Giochi di Guerra
08 Muro nero

09  Il Regno del Vento (Paura del Sogno)
10 Afferra (CD Demo)

CD2 ‘Risvegli’
01 Lilith
02 To the Moon
03 L’altra Faccia della Luna
04 Il Regno del Vento
05 Muro Nero
06 Risvegli
07 Nel Profondo
08 Distruggere il Tempo
09 Vendetta
10 Finalmente Pioggia
11 Lacrime

12 Nel Profondo (Edit Version)

CD3 ‘Aurora Borealis’:
01 Grain of Sand
02 Burn
03 Cold Marble
04 The Wait
05 Loneliness
06 The Ritual will never die
07 Dancing in the Mirror
08 Twilight
09 When Darkness falls
10 Northern Lights

11 Burn (Fake Live Version)
12 Grain of Sand (Forthcoming Wind)
13 Your Secret (Unreleased)
14 Twilight (Red Sky)

CD4 ‘Wounds’:
01 Catch
02 Oblivion Door
03 Shadow of the Past
04 Waxfire
05 Your Secret II
06 Towards Dawn
07 Word of Lies
08 Emerald

09 Waxfire (Edit)
10 Your Secret II (Live in Studio)
11 Towards Dawn (Live in Studio)
12 Oblivion Door (Live in Studio)
Info: Burning Gates in their words on this sumptuous Box (comprising 4 digipak CDs):
“It was October 1995 when we set foot at Acqualuce Studio for the first time, never to leave again. We recorded all our releases there, all the way till we split up in 2001. All strictly analogue, on miles of tape and DAT masters. This is a tribute to a place, to a period of our lives. This is the essence of distant years, kept intact in Marco Milanesio's remastering, which managed to enrich it without altering it. These are the Acqualuce years!”

With "The Acqualuce Years", Swiss Dark Night collects and reintroduces the entire discography of the first period of Burning Gates'; existence (the years from the formation in 1995 to their temporary split in 2001) in one exclusive boxset. The four CDs making up "The Acqualunce Years" boxset (named after the iconic recording studio where all those pieces of work were created) feature the debut demo tape "Nel Profondo", available in digital format for the first time EVER, and the first three CDs published by the band before their temporary split in 2001 ("Risvegli", "Aurora Borealis" and "Wounds"). The albums have been digitally remastered for this release, and are complemented by exclusive bonus tracks, consisting of old previously unreleased tracks, "live-in-studio", recordings and remixes - originally released on compilations in the 90s and deleted for ages.
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