BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL The Scavenger Bride [limited GOLD & WHITE marbled] LP VINYL 2022

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Title: The Scavenger Bride
Format: Limited Edition of strictly 250 copies, marbled Gold & White heavy 180g Vinyl.
Year: 04.11.2022
Label: The Circle Music
Tracklist:         A1 the scavenger bride [02:45]  
A2 kinski [03:30]  
A3 all my lovers [04:02]
A4 shadow of a doubt [02:32]  
A5 the doorkeeper [01:17]  
A6 floats in the updrafts [01:36]
A7 a livery of bachelors [04:20]  
A8 das liselottenbett [02:42]  
A9 the lie which refuses to die [02:49]

B1 the scavenger’s daughter [08:04]  
B2 like a dog/letter to brod [10:27]
B3 the whipper [01:22]  
B4 bastille day, 1961 [05:48]
Info: 2022 marks two decades since the release of the magnificent album “The Scavenger Bride” and there is no better way to celebrate the anniversary than to release it for the first time EVER on vinyl. Brand new mastering by George Emmanuel (Pentagram Studio), oversized 4-page booklet.

“The Scavenger Bride” is a unique moment in Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s long evolution; it contains so many brilliant and inspiring songs, such as “Floats in the Updrafts”, “The Scavenger Bride”, “A Livery of Bachelors”, “The Lie which refuses to die”, “The Scavenger’s Daughter”, “The Whipper”… A few words to describe just three of the top songs - not only of the album - but the entire course of Black Tape For A Blue Girl: We are talking about the seductive “All My Lovers” let by the passion and power of vocalist Elysabeth Grant, the ten-minute “Like a Dog/ Letter to Brod”, where the band experiments unabashedly, until the piano takes the baton and throws the curtain in an amazing way and finally Elysabeth’s “Bastille Day, 1961”, which is simply one of the most emotional songs ever composed in the field of Gothic/Ethereal/ Neoclassical.

“Twenty years since I released The Scavenger Bride,” Sam reflects. “So much time has passed, so many things have changed. And yet the music exists just as strong and relevant today as those many years ago. This album contains one of our most popular tracks, ‘All my lovers’ as well as a range of lovely ethereal and neoclassical music. I can’t wait to hear Elysabeth, Bret, and Athan’s vocals on the vinyl format. That will be beautiful. The bride remains timeless and eternal, as she always was.”