BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL A Chaos of Desire (2022 remaster) LIMITED 2LP VINYL 2022

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Title: A Chaos of Desire (2022 remaster)
Format: Limited Edition of 500 copies! 140-gram 2LP color vinyl with lyric insert.
LP1: GOLD with black splatters, LP2: grimace PURPLE & black marble.
Year: 09.09.2022
Label: Projekt
Tracklist:         01 These Fleeting Moments  
02 A Chaos of Desire  
03 Pandora's Box  
04 Tear Love from My Mind
05 The Hypocrite is Me  
06 Beneath the Icy Floe  
07 We watch our sad-eyed Angel fall
08 One last Breath  
09 Of these Reminders  
10 How can you forget Love?  
11 Chains of Color
12 Could I stay the honest One?
Info: There’s a new shine upon Chaos’ dark beauty. On its 31st anniversary remaster, the ethereal gothic ambience of Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s 1991 fourth album swims in a sea of memory, a heart filled with pain and despondent hope. These 12 existential tales inhabit a chaotic realm of reflection, fear and desire set upon dense electronics confronting pained emotions. Oscar Herrera’s intense, searing vocals and Julianna Town’s sensitive siren song are strongly complemented by Vicki Richards’ sinewy violin. Throughout it all, songwriter and band leader Sam Rosenthal stirs up a brooding undertone of electronics, expressing the stages of desire and despair. Remastered by Martin Bowes of Attrition.

What has been said about A Chaos of Desire?

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: Black Tape For A Blue Girl is a treasure of a band. Their sound is lush, full and beautiful, which is not to say wimpy. This is beauty with an edge, perhaps even a slightly desperate air. Richards supplies sensuous violin lines. Recommended.

BSIDE MAGAZINE: This is more of that unexplainable type of lacy textured, swaying music. It’s actually sort of hallucinatory, the way things add and subtract and slowly swell… like the ocean. A CD for people who listen to Dead Can Dance and see mystical visions. This makes the Cocteau Twins sound upbeat with more of an emotional depth, more of a real despondency.

OPUS: The twelve songs on A Chaos of Desire move from dark explorations of love and heartache (which often feature Hererra’s melodramatic vocals) to softer, more ambient pieces that blend Rosenthal’s synths with fragile string arrangements (e.g., “Beneath the Icy Floe,” “Of These Reminders”). As you might imagine, I prefer the latter, as they provide a perfect example of Projekt’s ‘vintage’ darkwave sound.

THE GAVIN REPORT: Moody songs of tragic beauty. The music is often moody and foreboding, soaring to incredible tonal levels. The vocals are clear and sparse, laden with emotion and intrigue. Certain to satisfy the neo-classical aficionado.

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