BEDLESS BONES After Malaise LIMITED CD Digipack 2021

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Title: After Malaise
Format: CD Digipack
Limited and hand-numbered edition of 200 copies only!
Year: 06.08.2021
Label: Cold Transmission
Tracklist:         01 Ostara 
02 Adulthood 
03 Sad and Alone (Wychdoktor remix)
04 Drifting (Nuclear Sludge remix) 
05 Limbs Entwined (Trancegaze remix by Forgotten Sunrise)
06 Where is My Voice (Cly/Suva Lost Voice remix) 
07 Heavy Words (Oudeis remix Mark I)
08 Hyperpyrexia (Artur Lääts Cut) 
09 Revelations (Version 2) 
10 Heavy Words (Oudeis remix Mark II)
Info: „After Malaise“ is the remix album of Bedless Bones‘ debut release „Sublime Malaise“ (released in September 2019). Originally released in digital format in June 2020, Cold Transmission now releases the album also on CD in a limited and hand-numbered edition of 200 pieces. It features 8 remix versions and two brand new tracks.

Bedless Bones is Kadri Sammel, an alternative electronic music artist / photographer / videographer from Tallinn/Estonia. Bedless Bones experiments with different noir genres, building bridges and bending borders between dark wave, murky EBM & techno beats and industrial sounds and abstract otherworldly atmosphere akin to IDM. After a few self-released singles, her debut album "Sublime Malaise" was released in autumn 2019 on Cold Transmission.