BACKWORLD For the Life of the World CD Digipack 2024

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Title: For the Life of the World
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 07.06.2024
Label: Discsalced Music
Tracklist:         01 The former Things have passed away
02 The Children of Eden
03 All Things
04 Ashes to Diamonds
05 Spiraling
06 The Return of the burning Times
07 The Hidden Order of Things
08 Walk through the Garden
09 Eternal Return
10 For the Life of the World
11 The Lamb and the Lion
Info: Brand new studio album by the legendary Folk act – over 7 years after the latest new recordings! Even after a long absence from the studio mic, the 11 songs on "For the Life of the World" show that Joe Budenholzer is still an important pioneer of neo- and apocalyptic folk, which he skillfully lends a traditional touch with the elements of classical music, the mysticism of which makes you start the album all over again. Backworld grew out of the World Serpent apocalyptic folk scene in London, combining traditional English folk, experimental and minimalist classical with fin-de-siecle mysticism. Founder Joseph Budenholzer’s collaborators on this new album include David Tibet (Track 11), MAYa Hardinge (Track 8) and Laure Kyle (Track 1,2,7).