AUTUMN’S GREY SOLACE Divinian + Winterrim 2CD 2012 LTD.500

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Title: Divinian + Winterrim

Limitiert auf 500 Stück

Year: 2012
Label: Projekt

CD1 Divinian
01 Shadow, Light, Echo
02 Nífara
03 Sáwol
04 Meremennen
05 Écelic
06 Sanctuary
07 Unravel
08 Divinian
09 Summered and Flowered
10 Halo
11 Zenith
12 Síscéal

CD2 Winterrim
1  Nífara  4:45
2  Eternal Light  3:43
3  The Unshakable Demon  4:37
4  A Soul Ensnared  3:05
5  Still  2:59
6  Mystify  3:31
7  Dormant  4:16
8  Treasure Box  2:52
9  Angelspeak  3:37


Autumn's Grey Solace continues their musical evolution with the release of Divinian, their seventh full-length album. It is a must-have for fans of darkwave, shoegaze, ethereal wave, and dreampop. Singer Erin Welton’s voice is layered into chordal structures that form the harmonic backbone of many of the tracks. Autumn's Grey Solace continues to cultivate the things that make their sound distinctive: Erin's sweet and diverse voice, Ferrell's otherworldly and exotically tuned guitars, deep and fulfilling bass lines, and emotively ambient drums. Divinian is a near hour's worth of enjoyably
melancholic contemplations for late summer afternoons.

"A beautiful masterpiece of shimmering guitars and ethereal vocals that lure the listener in, enraptured and captivated." - Gothic Paradise

“Fans of Projekt stalwarts Mira and Love Spirals Downwards,not to mention the Cocteau Twins, will be enticed beyond measure!” – The Big Takeover

"This is the kind of band that completely fits the whole Projekt concept and sound. Their music is a perfect mix of heavenly voices,darkwave and romantic gothic." - Side-Line

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