ANUM PRETO Anum Preto CD Digipack 2022

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Title: Anum Preto

CD Digipack

Year: 17.06.2022
Label: Wave Records
Tracklist:         01 Cidade de Muros e Segredos
02 Ponto de Mutação
03 Pólos Opostos
04 Consequências
05 Além do Bem e do Mal
06 Probovat'
07 Determinismo
08 Tanto Faz

CD-only bonus-tracks:
10 Inferno Interno
11 Onda Fria
12 Perdendo os meus Nervos
Info: Anum Preto is a Brazilian independent artist. Strictly related to a DIY approach, he records, plays and produces all of his music alone. In a very prolific way, he has been releasing almost an album per year since his debut in 2009, titled “Inferno Interno”.
His modern and almost insular approach to Post Punk is balanced by nostalgic harmonies and dissonant melodies, reminescent to Brazilian and international alternative music, elements on which Anum Preto’s sound and aesthetics are defined.
His new production, a self-titled album, is being released in partnership with the labels Wave Records, Young & Cold Records [Vinyl in the fall]. Anum Preto’s music reunites existentialist aspirations, alongside with the artist’s view as a rebel in a society, that requires changes.
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