ANGELS OF LIBERTY Servant of the Grail CD Digipack 2020

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Title: Servant of the Grail
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 2020
Label: Alchera Visions

01 Khumry
02 Son of the Serpent
03 Alpha Draconis
04 Haunted
05 Venus Aeon
06 Queen of Heaven
07 Innana
08 Josephine
09 Phantom Horse
10 The last Vampire
11 The Golden Years

Info: Angels of Liberty, out of the UK, was started around 2011 by Voe Saint- Clare and Scarlet Powers. Over the course of 4 years the band released 2 full albums as well as 4 EPs. During that time they also started Secret Sin Records, not only to release their own music, but also that of other artists. The band had picked up a rather large following and were working on a 3rd album when the vocalist and guitar player of the band, Voe Saint-Clare passed away due to Cancer. The album they had been working on had been completed, but never got a release. Scarlet Powers, wife and surviving member of the band worked with the resurrected Secret Sin Records to release that final album.


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