ABU NEIN Secular Psalms LIMITED BLACK and WHITE Splatters LP VINYL 2021

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Title: Secular Psalms
Format: Second print on BLACK and WHITE Splatter Vinyl, limited to 500 copies
Year: 25.06.2021
Label: Young & Cold
Tracklist:         A1 Dying into a Dance 
A2 Love in Vain 
A3 Rotten Garden 
A4 Chamber
A5 Rape Child

B1 I will rise
B2 Wound
B3 Sin
B4 God in Me
B5 Geist
Info: Abu Nein is an occult, oriental influenced female fronted darkwave band from Sweden. The trio has quickly risen to be one of the most talked about bands in the postpunk/darkwave/ synthwave scene. Imagine a fantasic mixture of Light Asylum, Hante., She Past Away and Linea Aspera. This will take you pretty close to the sound of Abu Nein. The brilliant vocals of Erica Li Lundqvist blends perfectly with the dark and gloomy soundtrack.
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