2KILOS &MORE Kurz vor5 CD 2012

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Kurz vor5

Format: CD


Label: audiophob

1. On The Juciest Walk (8:59)
2. Les Rapports S'inversent (7:56)
3. Infinite Dead Ends (feat. Phil Von) (6:51)
4. Allerdings (2:49)
5. One in the other (5:03)
6. User ok feelings rejected (feat. Black Sifichi) (7:27)
7. What holds me here (5:07)
8. I decided to lie (feat. Black Sifichi) (8:48)
9. Second season (6:15)


2kilos &More is a french electronica duo from Paris created in 2003 and consisting of Séverine Krouch und Hugues Villette (Von Magnet). Before finding their way to audiophob, they released one 3" CD and two albums on different labels as well as a lot of other contributions to compilations and movie soundtracks. The new album "Kurz vor5" is once again produced by Norscq (The Grief, Atlas Project, Von Magnet, dDamage, Colder, remixer for Meat Beat Manifesto, Depeche Mode etc.) in his Parisian studio. The duo has invited Phil Von (Von Magnet) and Black Sifichi (a great spoken-words artist from New York who worked with Black Dog, Burnt Friedman, Simon Fisher Turner, Rodolphe Burger, High Tones etc.), two important voices from the independent French scene, to feature three new vocal compositions. Using samples and digital sounds, the duo composes by improvising on long evolving sound waves. They shape every song like a journey through sonic universe, playing with tension and surges punctuated by instrumental interventions (guitars for Séverine or drums for Hugues), often reminding us of the cinematographic world of David Lynch or Steven Soderbergh (Solaris). The press talks about them as a subtle mix between ambient-electronica (à la Warp) and postrock (similar to Labradford) because of the constant but measured use of melodic (sometimes noisy) guitars and acoustic instruments (like bass, drums, sensula etc.) with experimental influences.

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